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5 action to make you slender healthy

1, the amount that reduces you to eat candy and salt.

You will very astonish actually a lot of food contain carbohydrate (dextrose, fructose, sucrose and the syrup of tall fructose cereal that exist generally) , these food include: Ketchup, spaghetti, peanut oil, fruit juice and cereal kind. General collect compares appropriate natrium also is similar case. Do not eat chicken noodle soup to expect (every cups contain 1780 milligram salt about) , but can edible contains Puluobi the hoosh with appropriate low natrium is vegetable perhaps (mere 290 milligram every cups) .

2, the beverage with right choice.

144 caloric energy are contained about inside the liquor of 6 ounce, 136 calorie are contained inside 12 ounce mineral, a cup of coffee contains 380 calorie about, freezing ice cream contains 740 caloric energy about. You can suit your beverage according to these choices.

3, the food with right choice.

You can buy a cake on the weekend and eat off them. The energy that has those who be less than 200 kilocalorie about everyday is changed into weight, so a month will weightening finish makes an appointment with 2 pound. That meeting how, can you perhaps ask? That will mean a year to be able to add weight about 20 pound. Whether to enjoy method reducing weight depends on with thinking method adds weight you. But if want to reduce weight, you should eat a fruit more, vegetable and do not eat deepfry, butterfat kind food.

4, no matter what are you doing,move, do more as far as possible a few.

You perhaps can say your figure too do not shape, complain oneself are very busy, very tired, too poor perhaps? Sisters, notice your foot please, your foot has stuck touchdown, can use all the time, and be of disengaged move. The base that uses you goes to work on foot (and climb stairs finally) , the hall can step down together with her when when you need talks with the work in the same placing and not be to use a phone or email communication. From block farthermost parking lot walks over, and family is accompanied on the weekend or the friend takes a walk more, when you pick up the telephone, ambulate round your house.

5, can take a few pill.

Take contain satisfy a variety of vitamin pill of basic need inside a day (if you are in childbirth period, take 400 microgramme folic acid everyday) , take calcium tablet complement at the same time. Before menopause, we need 1000 milligram calcium everyday. After menopause, need 1200 milligram (the doctor that can ask you, she may think you need to take feed more to perhaps can inform you when to begin annual bone density to scan) . If the age exceeds 50 years old, you still need to add vitamin B12.

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