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See blood type have a meal to eat thinner more

A blood

The person of this kind of blood type suits to digest plant sex protein more, and person of the A with fat great majority blood is for certain at ordinary times ” carnivore ” . So, the person of A blood wants thin come down, must careful eat the meat such as beef, hotpot kind, had better replace with fresh fish and chicken. Pair of bean curd, cereal strengthens to wait for plant sex protein in thin body cookbook absorb, what be not worth in order to complement inside body is protein. The expert emphasizes particularly, the person of A blood is sure to drink juice of a cup of Chinese flowering quince everyday, it can decompose various flesh kind medium adipose reach harmful material, your body is absorbed easily. The campaign reducing weight that A blood person fits is gem gal, it can calm the nerves calm mood, ease mental pressure, conduce to thin body. Proposal edible: A week of; of weever, carp is 3 eggs, natural lemon of; of yoghurt; grapestone oil and turnip of flaxseed oily; , spinach, peach. A few edible: All flesh kind grandma of all sorts of cheese of; of; caviar, crayfish, complete fat and ice-cream; are of all kinds and vegetable oily; banana, orange, Chinese flowering quince. The food that can reduce weight: Vegetable of olive oil, soja, greenery and pineapple.

B blood

Dinner of B blood person should drink person of B of   of congee   reducing weight blood is the happiest person, because they can digest all sorts of delicate food. But also have a few delicate they cannot be touched, for instance noodle, chicken, the blood in them coagulates element is met the metabolism of block up B blood, be opposite so for B blood person, reduce weight to just be meant eat noodle and chicken less. Because love intercourse, the person of B blood’s most good thin body exercise is dance of tennis, fitness, Latin dance, travel these can move happily together with other. Proposal edible: All sorts of flesh kind, the; banana such as the; cabbage such as olive oil of; of seafood; fresh cheese, butter and rice of cod-liver oil; , cereal, carrot, cauliflower, apple. A few edible: Oily; of vegetable of cheese of; of langouste of; of fat pork, chicken, ham, octopus, shrimp, ice-cream; is of all kinds; of nut, cucumber is not paddy corn of corn biscuit; , turnip, coco. The food that can reduce weight: Greenery vegetable, flesh kind, egg, cheese, yoghurt.

O blood

The salad that melon dish makes can be compensatory calcium is qualitative, suit   of O blood person to be opposite for O blood person, animal protein is main energy source, but they are stodgy dairy produce, legume and cereal food. Their fat reason also is to often eat cooked wheaten food and milk these stodgy food place are brought about. O blood person should drink dairy produce less, but should take right amount calcium tablet to be measured with the calcium that is not worth inside additional system everyday. Notice at ordinary times balanced absorb the food such as vegetable fruit, in order to maintain balance of the soda acid inside body. Rice had better avoid after the dinner of the person of O blood, face a few bizarre fruit eat before sleeping, they are complementing effectively vitamin while can help digestive protein again. The person of O blood often should have the body building of great fortune momentum, if go quickly, ran, swim, volleyball of basketball, beach, mountain-climbing, make musculature keeps acidity, use up calorie effectively thereby. Proposal edible: Watermelon of apple of oily; of olive oil of; of onion of garlic of; of egg of; of trout of; of beef, hotpot, cod, bean curd, turnip, Wo or flaxseed, grapefruit. Do not suggest edible: ; coco of oil of oil of corn of; of dawdle of; of grandma of the cheese of all sorts of types of; of caviar of; of fat pork, ham, octopus, yoghurt, complete fat, olive, potato, sunflower, mango. The food that can reduce weight: The sea gives birth to conch animal, cabbage and spinach to wait.

Ab blood

The physiology characteristic of the person of Ab blood is hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is little and stodgy flesh kind. Be in so dietary respect, ab blood person had better be given priority to with bean curd, fresh vegetable and fruit, do an ornament with a few carnivorous with dairy produce, additional slightly a few fresh fish and egg. The person of Ab blood type should reduce weight, the fruit that suits to eat most is not Xi Youmo to belong to, it can help aid digestion, inside cent disintegrate adipose, cut the peel that come down to be able to put bath of the dip in water more, achieve truly by outside and the thin body purpose inside. Because the person constitution of Ab blood is close to A blood person, because this suits the Jingxin such as the shadowboxing of A blood person, gem gal,motion also fits the person of Ab blood. This kind of person has the feature of partial A blood and partial B blood, they get used to animal albumen already, also get used to vegetable protein, its digestion is relatively sensitive, every time appropriate eats less, but but much food. (The exercitation edits: Bridge elegant beautiful jade)

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