Selasa, 15 Juli 2008

Vegetables of fruit of 6 kinds of preserve one’s health reducing weight

The apple is food of low quantity of heat. Malic acid is food of low quantity of heat, it is the good food that reduce weight. Malic acid can make inside human body adipose decompose, prevent posture too fat, make the skin lubricant and tender. Because composition of the nutrition in the apple can allow a gender,this is big, easy be absorbed.

Tomato contains a variety of vitamins of body need and microelement, can defer consenescence, reduce the cholesterol in blood, have effect reducing weight, it is the vegetable with the indispensable person that reduce weight.

Bai Luobo
The turnip contains acrimony composition mustard oil, have promote adipose kind material has metabolic effect better, can avoid adipose in hypodermic accumulation.

The major component that it is water reachs celery cellulose, sexual flavour is cool and refreshing, can fall fat of blood pressure, blood, can heat up inside Qing Dynasty more. The abundant Potassium in celery, still can prevent phenomenon of dropsy of below half body.

Cabbage is contained a lot ofa variety of vitamins and mineral, stimulative body toxicant metabolizes character, can prevent cancer, fight consenescence, have whole bowel effect, can very good improvement is fat, coarse skin action.

Onion is health care fights old vegetable, have fall the effect of detoxify of the blood pressure, fat that divide blood, diuresis, can reduce blood sugar effectively, the utilization rate that stimulative cell assigns to candy, onion still is the very good food that fight cancer.

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