Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

A letter for my little niece

Dear sweetie,

I’m really sorry to forced you wake up really early in the morning. I order you to take the cool water of wudhu. Then I put your prayer rob into your little body. I asked you to follow me, doing Subhi prayer. I know, indolently you do that all. I know that you feel so sleepy. But, all I do just for your goodness dear. I really want you to be such obedient Muslimah. This time maybe it seem so hard dear, but I’m really sure someday you will realize the urgently of doing Subhi prayer, and you will realize that this was you daily requirement.

Sweetie, I do want to say sorry. Also for the night you forget doing your Isya prayer. After tired doing some homework, preparing for next day’s lesson, or even from playing, and you were ready to go bed, then I forced you to do Shalat. You may feel so uncomfort. But you have to do that dear. You have to form the good habit, dear.


Don’t you know, when I was child people rarely forced me to do so. They thought I was too young to do it, too young to be discipline in doing five time prayer. They said “what a pity, she just a little girl. Just let her sleep, she must be so sleepy, and she must be so tired”. Huh, in that time I got what I want dear. I feel my life was so free. But, I has such bad effect dear. I grow with some tolerating; I often too late or even forget doing the prayer. And this needs such hard effort to change, dear. When I realized that prayer not only about obligatory but requirement, I start to change. I try to prioritized, huh,, it was so hard dear,, and I regret.. Why didn’t I accustom this when I was child?

So I don’t want you feel the same dear. I really wish u would be much more better than me,,, I really sure you might dear,,

Bunch of love,,

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